The Ultimate Chilled Parenting Package 2024 closing soon!

**The Ultimate New Year Package**
Become the chilled out, confident parent 
you dream of in 2024 


  • Control your temper and say goodbye to shouting for good
  • Confidently support your child's strongest emotions (never feel stuck again!)  
  • Manage big behaviour using world-class tools that work every time
  • Build a magical, lifelong bond with your child they can always rely on
  • ​Become the calm, confident mum your family needs you to be  

Get the Ultimate Chilled Parenting Package of year-round support with everything you need to level up your parenting and personal life in 2024. 

Here's what's included:

As well as my flagship Inner Circle program, where I walk you through my step-by-step roadmap for chilled out, confident parenting, you'll also get:  
Access a full year of weekly coaching calls with Karina to give you guidance, support and help you implement the steps. 

No time pressures to get through the content, you can go at your own pace and jump in and out as you please throughout the year. We've got your back, whatever you need!
As soon as you register, you'll be invited to a private call with Karina to set you up for maximum success. 

Together, you'll come up with your personal goals, set a plan for action and start notching up some wins within hours!
BRAND NEW FOR 2024: get exclusive access to monthly workshops, masterclasses and guest trainings on lifestyle, wellbeing and mindset. 

Connect with guest experts and ask your questions so you can  create your chilled out parenting life. 

Get year-round access to world-class tools, resources and scripts to accelerate your journey and hit your results fast. 

This is where you'll find your deep-dive tools, cheat sheets and scripts you can download and print out to practice with between coaching calls. 
With access to my step-by-step guidance and world-class tools and resources, you’ll have the most comprehensive parenting, wellbeing and mindset training at your fingertips. 

Plus ongoing access to my incredible community, and live group coaching calls with me EVERY week (calls are recorded so you never have to miss out).

No more feeling lost, overwhelmed or unsure about parenting. We'll be working together every step of the way to get you to your personal goals. 

Trust me: having live support to keep you accountable and help you implement the steps will be a game-changer for you.

Everything in the Ultimate Chilled Parenting Package is set up to help you succeed. 


Hey there, I'm Karina.

Coach, author, podcaster, mum of four and creator of The Chilled Parents Inner Circle. 

I’m so excited you’re here! I’ve met hundreds of stressed-out parents trying to use outdated, generic techniques to manage behaviour – leading to tears and frustration for everyone. 

With 25 years of experience in psychology, welfare, and education, I’ve pulled together my best resources to create the Ultimate Chilled Parenting Package. 

Want to learn how to parent smarter, not harder in 2024? Let me show you the easier, more effective parenting path that leads to more happiness, confidence and of course, CHILL.

Keep reading to find everything you need to know about my popular Inner Circle program. This is the first time I've offered this as a comprehensive package and it's never been more affordable to join. 

I can't wait to see you inside!

This is what you get with the Ultimate Chilled Parenting Package:

  • Lifetime access to the Chilled Parents Inner Circle 6-module program
  • Weekly group coaching calls with Karina for 12 months 
  • ​Private 1-1 60-minute Kickstarter Call with Karina
  • Private members community full of like-minded, supportive parents
  • ​Monthly training, workshops and masterclasses to continually fill your toolkit
  • ​An ever-growing resource library of tools and strategies
  • A range of bonuses and goodies
  • ​Option to pay in full (discounted) or with an affordable payment plan

If you're serious about making changes this year and ready to get to work, I'm here to help you reach your parenting and personal goals. 

As seen in:

TO BE IN 2024?

What if you could be the calm, confident mum you want to be for your kids - so that parenting life becomes just how you always imagined it would be?
What if you could stop shouting, stay in control, and ditch your Cranky Mummy persona - and instead make calm, joy, and family harmony the new normal in your household? 

So that even on your toughest days, you still had poise and chill...

And knew with certainty that you were giving your child exactly what they needed to be a happy and healthy human?

All of this is possible and I can help you achieve it. 

Let Me Know If This Sounds Familiar...

  • Your emotions feel out of control some days - it's like you wake up with zero patience!
  • You're sure parenting isn't meant to be this hard - so what are you doing wrong??
  • ​​You resort to shouting too often for your liking and the guilt eats away at you 
  • The situation is making everything stressful - including your relationship...
  • Put simply: you're not the parent you thought you'd be - and it keeps you up at night


  • You've tried getting stricter and using stronger punishments (ends in tears from everyone, including you!)
  • ​You've spent hours coming up with reward systems and star charts (the novelty lasts about 3 days...)
  • You've made promise after promise to yourself that you'd not lose your temper all day (broken by breakfast)
  • You've read books, attended webinars and googled endlessly for answers (only to feel even more confused)
  • ​You've asked friends for advice and they just shrug their shoulders (it seems like everyone else knows what they're doing!)


You know things need to change...​

You're sick of resorting to shouting or losing your temper to get through to the kids - you used to be so chill!

You don't like this version of yourself and you know it's not good for the kids.

You're at a loss for how to manage Big Emotions & Big Behaviour in your house. 

You know you need to do more but don't have the know-how and guidance.

You've tried everything - time out, reward charts, consequences - nothing seems to work!

You're sick of feeling your way in the dark - you need tools you can rely on!


The worst thing of all is the worry and angst that you're doing a crappy job. 

You want your children to have great memories of the time you spend together, but lately, you worry they'll just remember you being angry. 

Or maybe it goes even deeper than that. 

Maybe your own parents used to shout a lot and you vowed you'd be different. 

Maybe you really want to break a cycle of unhealthy, dysfunctional patenting and you didn't realise it would be so hard. 

Either way, you want for the best for your children and right now it feels like you're failing. 

This Isn't 
How You 
Thought Parenting 
Would Be


You Know Where You're Trying To Get To 
- But HOW?

I know how much you love your kids. You'd do anything for them. 
Here's something else I know: you can PICTURE exactly how you want things to be: happy, calm, and stress-free, right?

You want to be that calm, confident, patient mum who always knows what to say and do, even in the toughest of situations. 

But right now, you feel very, very far away from that picture :( 

You've tried a bunch of stuff to sort this out. You've got books, you listen to podcasts, and maybe you've even considered therapy. You've tried all the techniques and ideas, but nothing seems to work.

And I know why.

You Need The Roadmap

To make really big parenting changes that last the distance, there's a roadmap to follow. 

When you're stuck in a parenting rut, you need the right steps and tools to get you out of it - for good!  

If you've tried to work all this out on your own and feel like you've failed, you're not alone. 

Mainstream parenting advice has let a lot of mums down because it lacks support and implementation to actually get it working. 

So if you've got the stack of parenting books...

...and really feel like you should know what you're doing...

Take heart that there are many, many other mums out there feeling exactly the same way. 

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

How important is it to you to start making some changes?


Imagine How It Would Feel To...

Be in complete control of your mood and handle challenges with ease - every time (no more Dragon Lady!). 

Become the 'I've got this' parent so you kids always know they can rely on you. 
Have a solid parenting approach and a toolkit of proven strategies that really work. 

No more stress about what tools to use when and no more winging it!
Enjoy renewed energy and zest for parenting - and maybe even time to focus on yourself! 

Remember the lady behind 'Mum'? That's you! Get to know her again and reconnect with what excites you. 

This time with your kids is priceless. Every interaction you have with them lays the foundation for their future. 

They're relying on you to step up. 

Make 2024 the year you become the parent 
you need to be for your family. 


The Chilled Out Parenting System

The EXACT steps to becoming a calm, confident and conscious parent so 
you can create the harmonious family household you really want. 

No fluff, no overwhelm, designed for time-poor parents that want BIG changes yesterday.  


The Chilled Parents Inner Circle

Follow my step-by-step roadmap to become a calm, confident, conscious parent and leave behind the shouting, frustration & guilt.

 Create the household harmony you dream of and make happy memories with your family.  

WHEN YOU JOIN THE CHILLED PARENTS INNER CIRCLE... get access to everything you need to regulate your emotions, fill your parenting toolkit and create the harmonious household you dream of...FAST. 


  • 6 deep-dive modules that provide you with the streamlined, step-by-step chilled parenting system
  • A detailed workbook with all the worksheets and cheatsheets you need to overhaul your approach and implement new ideas right away 
  • ​Weekly coaching calls with Karina to help you fine-tune and troubleshoot your parenting challenges
  • An ever-growing resource library with scripts, printables, templates and planners
  • Access to the members-only Facebook group for accountability, connection and support
  • ​​New trainings and tools every month to continue adding to your toolkit and maintaining your changes

Get live, personalised support from Australia's leading parenting coach & educator every week!

Every week you'll be invited to join Karina on a live coaching call so you can ask questions and get the support you need to create your dream family vibe. 

  • Work through challenging scenarios and access tailored advice
  • Get help implementing the chilled parenting steps so you stay on track and get results!
  • ​Access support from other like-minded parents on the call

This is the only way to work with Karina in 2024. 

Use Karina's unique Chilled Mum Method To Take You From Stressed, Overwhelmed & Frustrated To Calm, Confident & In Control
  • Gain control of your emotions and responses so you never have to resort to shouting or losing your cool again
  • Strengthen the bond between you and your child so they always come to you with their problems - even as a teen
  • ​Use world-class tools and strategies to manage challenging behaviour (forget time outs and wasting your energy on punishments that don't work)
  • Know exactly what to say and do (and what to avoid) when supporting your child's big feelings
  • Discover the secrets to long-term family harmony so you can give your family a loving, happy home.


The Results Speak For Themselves...

'Before the program, I felt snappy and felt like I was constantly raising my voice to get the children’s attention. I knew it wasn’t getting me anywhere and wanted a calmer, more effective approach to parenting.

Now I feel equipped to tackle the emotional and behavioural challenges that arise with two children who have very different needs. I have frameworks and tools which allow me to think quicker on my feet. It’s helped me to build a stronger connection with my children

I felt extremely supported throughout the whole time and the weekly coaching calls were a great way for me to remain accountable to the program. This program helps you understand your authentic self so that you can bring a positive mindset to parenting.' 

'After working with Karina, I felt more empowered. I felt like I had the knowledge to run a smooth household without feeling overwhelmed. 
I was worried how I’d fit the program in because life is so full, but Karina is so effective in giving very succinct and short information that’s key to making changes. If anything, it just made me hungry to want more and more!

If you’re considering working with Karina you won’t be disappointed at all. She’s a great listener and has a wonderful, supportive voice. She just seems to be able to hone in on key aspects to work on. I was very grateful for that. You’ll find her approach supportive and very enriching for your life if you choose to go ahead.'

'I highly recommend working with Karina, she’s very understanding, compassionate and non-judgmental. Her teachings are just really a breath of fresh air. My main issues were with communication and trying to understand the development where my daughter was at, and we were fighting a lot and there was a lot of yelling, and it was just really hard.

But after going through Karina’s teachings, we’re now communicating a lot better. I’m seeing things more from my daughter’s point of view and understanding what development stage she’s at, which really has helped me see things more clearly and give me some headspace as well. Karina’s program is fantastic and I can highly, highly recommend it.'

'Working through Karina's excellent parenting program has really resulted in a much-needed and significant reset for myself and my 3 kids. I embarked on this journey as a single mother with 3 school-aged kids (primary and secondary) looking for support to manage big behaviours following the separation of their father and myself a few years ago.

Working with Karina has really helped me to become far more consistent and confident with my parenting skills, especially when dealing with big behaviours but also with smaller things. A focus on emotion coaching has lead to us all getting a boost in our emotional intelligence and finally enjoying a happier and more harmonious day-to-day family life! Thanks so much Karina!'

'Karina is an amazing parenting coach. She has a calm and beautiful energy and really cares about each of her students, wanting them to be the best parents they can be. She is there for you every week with her incredible wisdom, encouraging you and helping you to apply everything you are learning. You come away from each coaching call with the confidence to handle all the situations that parenting throws at you.

The first thing that I noticed about Karina's course was how easy it was to follow. I have done other parenting courses in the past and, while it was all great information, I was always finding myself at a loss as to what to do or say in any given situation with my child. I couldn't remember the things that I had learnt.

Karina's course clearly and succinctly pinpoints what is needed in all our parenting problems. You come away with scripts to use that can be easily applied and adapted to all situations. The parenting tools are straight forward and each lesson you learn is so easy to remember and put into practice!

I've gained so much parenting insight but the biggest change for me has been the connection I have with my daughter. Our relationship has grown and strengthened and we are so much closer now. I am more confident, patient and relaxed in my parenting and I have learnt how important my own well-being is in being able to be a good Mum as well as to live a more fulfilling life.

I highly recommend Karina's parenting course to all parents out there. It will be the best parenting decision you will have ever made!"

'Working with Karina on her Chilled Out Mum Method has changed me and my relationship with my daughter in immeasurably positive ways. The book outlined the kind of Mum I wanted to be but taking that next step and joining The Chilled Parents Inner Circle really affected the change I was looking for. 

I went from being an authoritarian parent and a shouting Mum to being a cool headed, responsive, diplomatic and confident leader. On the odd occasion when I lose it now, I take myself by surprise and immediately apologise. It’s just not me anymore. 

My daughter has gone from being needy, whiney and unaffectionate to seeking out my touch, affirming her love for me constantly and she’s really just a joy to have around. 

Somehow, I have managed to embody this work. I’ve absorbed the lessons rather than having to reach for information I have learned and try to apply it at any given moment. This really is a worthwhile investment.'

'In January 2022, I really hit rock bottom as a parent. I felt my kids were out of control, disrespectful and inconsiderate. I was in tears most days as I didn't know how to make it all better.

Working with Karina was very comfortable. She didn't judge us, she was empathetic, listened
and coached us through the different scenarios that we were faced with during the week. Karina introduced us to different tools and techniques and provided feedback if we didn't handle a situation well. She really put us back on the right path.

 Everything was through zoom which also made it really easy to fit into our lives. Saving time
on travelling was extremely convenient. But having the opportunity to talk to someone and get advice was invaluable.

The biggest change for me has been my connection with my kids. My 12 year old son commented that he noticed a difference in how I parent. He said that I don't yell anywhere near as much as I used to (I am still learning!). The way I speak to them and how I listen has made our daily lives so much better. He said this all on this own without any prompting. It was the most amazing confidence booster and encouragement to keep growing and implementing the tools and techniques I have learnt from Karina.

My advice to other parents thinking about working with Karina is to go for it!

 We have attended other parenting courses and read a number of parenting books, but talking to someone while learning new parenting tools is life changing! I am thankful to my husband for agreeing to do this program without checking with me first. If we ended that first call with Karina without a commitment we wouldn't have signed up due to the cost concern. That would have been a mistake.

We wouldn't be in the position we are today, where we have a collection of tools and techniques to be able to confidently parent everyday and be closer to our kids than we have ever been before. Thank you Karina.'

'This program is excellent. Karina provides all the information and tools needed to respond to chaos at home and parenting struggles. I feel like I now have the confidence and ability to understand my own emotional triggers and can respond to my 5 year old's big feelings and needs. My connection with my son has really improved and as a result, he's much happier and on the path to emotional regulation. I've become a much calmer, less reactive parent than before. Karina is really understanding and supportive and I highly recommend her and this program.

'The Chilled Parents Inner Circle was exactly what I needed to become the calm, confident mum I always hoped to be, but was far from being! I now prioritise and implement regular self-care and my family have reaped the benefits.

The online program is very easy to use, and the coaching calls provided guidance specific to our situation which was really helpful. Ongoing access to the online resources means I can review things as needed in the future, especially as our child grows older and we face different challenges. Karina is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind.
I'm so thankful for the Chilled Parents Collective and the huge improvement it's made in our lives! Highly recommend this program.


Take your parenting to an exceptional level and say goodbye to toxic guilt and self-doubt. 
You deserve to feel fantastic about the job you're doing. 



Here's how it all shakes out...



Chilled Foundations

  • Discover your new parenting path (and how to get off the one you’re on)
  • The simple review process that will halve your stress and frustration instantly 
  • Learn your child’s secret language and what they need from you 
  • ​The truth about misbehaviour (this one fact alone will change everything)

Walk Away With: Renewed calm and a stronger connection with your child


Chilled Headspace

  • The secret power you don’t know you have (and how this can make every day a win)
  • Identify your parenting triggers and gain control over them
  • How to embrace guilt-free parenting
  • ​Meet your inner chilled mama (and help her stick around!)

Walk Away With: A stronger, more robust mindset, dramatically reduced stress and mastery over your triggers 



Chilled Emotions

  • What you don’t know about feelings (and why it’s essential that you do!)
  • Your child’s emotional world – how to know what they’re struggling with and the best way to help
  • Become your child's Emotion Coach (the best gift you can give them - and ultimate behaviour-management tool)
  • ​The no-drama way to handle meltdowns (and limit them from occurring) 

Walk Away With: Enhanced emotional intelligence and the skills to be your child's Emotion Coach 


Chilled Discipline

  • The first step in easier discipline (miss this bit and you’re working too hard)
  • Putting The Magic Formula to work (most parents skip steps 1 & 2)
  • Create your new discipline toolkit (and ditch those duds that don’t work!)
  • ​How to recover when you lose your shiz (and actually gain from the experience)

Walk Away With: A reliable discipline toolkit and freedom from Big Behaviour Stress 



Chilled Wellbeing

  • Easier self-care that puts you back on the map (because it’s high-time, right??)
  • How to be chilled every day – so that even the big stuff no longer fazes you
  • How to get started on your bigger goals (yes, you CAN make yourself happy too!)
  • ​Three actions that will literally change your life

Walk Away With: More zest and energy for life and excitement about your future dreams and ambition


Chilled Family

  •  Master talking and listening in your house (so everyone feels heard)
  • Set no BS boundaries that protect your precious emotional energy
  • Deal with daily drama & conflict (the no-stress way!)
  • ​The lovely daily ritual that will keep you all on the best path

Walk Away With:  A happy, harmonious household that's closer and more loving than ever before


You're also going to get access to:

12 months access to coaching calls
Get year-round coaching calls with Karina so you can get the support you need to make your changes stick!

1-1 Kickstarter Call with Karina 
Drill down on your parenting goals with your very own parenting coach and set yourself up for success from the start! 

The Calm Parenting Journal
Dive deep on your calm parenting journey and discover more about yourself

Calm Parenting Affirmations
Daily inspiration to set you up for ongoing calm, no matter what challenge arises

The Chilled Parent Resource Kit 
Access my personal library of websites, books, tools and tricks for staying healthy, happy and chill every day.

Calm Parenting Skills Bundle
Refine your parenting skills and deepen your relationship with your child. No need to feel stuck or flounder during challenges!

And LOTS more goodies waiting for you inside!


Here's What You Get When You Join...

Private Kickstarter Call With Karina

Right after you join up you'll be invited to book in your 1-1 Kickstarter call with Karina. Designed to give you clarity and remove overwhelm, this call will help you discover where the work needs to begin.  Karina will help you come up with personalised goals for you to get working on right away. 
  • In-depth, confidential session that looks at eight different aspects of parenting to help you determine where the focus is most needed
  • Set up your personalised goals and action plan with Karina so you know exactly what to get started on
  • Score some big results within days to give you momentum and a sense of accomplishment
The Kickstarter Call is the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for success and prepare you for lots more wins once you get started on the steps of the program!


Instant 24/7 access to The Chilled Parents Inner Circle Hub – this is where you'll access your program, resource library and bonuses - so you have everything you need at your fingertips.
Weekly Group Coaching with Karina – you'll be invited to weekly calls during term time so you can access live support to answer your questions, seek clarity and keep you on track :)

Private invitation to the exclusive Chilled Parents Inner Circle FB Community – so you can connect with other members and celebrate your wins
Monthly tools and trainings with Karina and guest speakers so you can fill your parenting and personal toolkit over and over again.
Program workbook and journal so you can record your insights and monitor your progress.
An ever-growing resource library with scripts, printables, and cheat sheets so everything is in one place.
Bonus #1: The Calm Parenting Journal so you can dive deep on your calm parenting journey.
Bonus #2: Calm Parenting Affirmations so you can set the day up for chill, every day.
Bonus #3: The Chilled Parent Resource Kit. My personal library of tools and tricks for staying happy and chill
Bonus #4: Calm Parenting Skills Bundle to help you boost your parenting skills.

Want to transform 
your parenting world in 2024?

Save $500 with the Ultimate Chilled Parenting Package. 
Access world-class tools, evidence-based strategies, and 
an inspiring community of supportive parents. 

Choose the plan that’s right for you and join us today!

The Chilled Parents Inner Circle Is For You If:

With coaching strategies & parenting techniques grounded in research, you can rely on them to work AND serve you for decades of parenting. 


100% Risk Free

I’m super confident that The Ultimate Chilled Parenting Package will make family life better for you…

...and I want YOU to feel super confident in your decision. 

So I’m offering you 100% security and protection in knowing your investment is going to help you enjoy parenting with less stress. 

If you jump in and don't love what you see, simply ask for a refund within 7 days. 

I want this to be a smart and safe choice for you.  


Good, because there's something 
I need to tell you.

If you're like most mums I meet, you've been putting off investing in yourself for years.

That's how we're conditioned in our society: to place our children's needs above our own. We're subtly encouraged to put our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing at the bottom of the list.

The problem with this? It leads to burnout. You're pouring from an empty cup. 
No wonder you're exhausted, emotional and run down. 

How can you give your family the best of you when you're not at your best?

I see you, lady. And guess what? It's time - and also essential - to put you first. 

The Ultimate Chilled Parenting Package will nurture and equip you with everything you need to be the parent you've always wanted to be.

You deserve it, and so does your family 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do my kids need to be?

A: The Chilled Parents Collective is designed for parents with children aged 2-16yrs. However, you’ll find the concepts in the program work in a similar way for babies, older teens, and even adults! 

Q: I want my partner to be involved. Is this just for mums?

A: I love working with dads and welcome couples to join the coaching calls so we can work through the concepts together. Many fathers have been amazed at what they’ve uncovered while going through The Chilled Parents Inner Circle program – and of course this benefits their kids in a BIG way.  

Q: I'm a single parent. Will this help me?

A: Absolutely! With the training to help you become a calm, confident mum and the support available from our amazing community, the Inner Circle will become like an extended family for you :) 

Q: Will I be coached by Karina on the calls?

A: Yes! Karina takes the weekly coaching calls so you can access her support and guidance every week. 

Q: How much time is required to participate in the program?

A: I know how demanding family life can be, so I’ve designed the program lessons to be short and straight to the point. No fluff and no long boring videos! In fact, 7-10 minutes each day is all that’s required to digest the material – in the time it takes to make a cup of tea, you can change your parenting world for the better, each and every day. You'll also need to put aside an hour a week to attend the coaching calls if you need them. 

Q: I work full-time and can't attend the calls. Are they recorded?

A: Yes! You don't need to attend the calls unless you have questions or need coaching from Karina. If you can't attend a call, you can submit your question ahead of time and Karina will answer it for you. All calls are recorded so you can watch the replay when you're free :)

Q: My kids are neurodiverse. Will this help me?

A: Yes. The Inner Circle program will help you become a calmer, more confident version of yourself so you can be the responsive parent your children need. The parenting strategies will show you how to connect on a deeper level, help your child with their strongest feelings and improve family communication. Your family unit will become more peaceful, harmonious and closer as a result. 

Q: What if I fall behind in the program?

A: Nothing in the program will spontaneously self-combust if you get side-tracked by life events, wind up busy with work commitments, or want to spend time away with your family during the holidays. You get lifetime access to the content and 12 months access to the coaching calls, so you can take your time to work through the program.  

Q: How much does it cost to join The Ultimate Chilled Parents Package?

A: Great news - right now you can access The Ultimate Chilled Parents Package for a super affordable price of $1997 AUD (usually $2497) or 12 monthly payments of $197 AUD (usually $247).   Jump in quick to grab this 2023 pricing before it goes up in the new year. 

Q: Can I join at a later date?

A: Yes, but the price may increase and I can't guarantee these same inclusions. 

Q: How do I join The Chilled Parents Inner Circle?

A:  It's easy! Just click the button below to be taken to the order page. Once you submit your details you'll receive your welcome email and program logins so you can get started right away. You'll also be able to book your Kickstarter Call with Karina. Let's do this!

Prepare for more parenting chill within hours of joining :)

No questions, I'm 
ready for this!

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