3 Simple Steps To 
Easier Discipline 
(no shouting required)  

Stop wasting time on dud discipline techniques that don't work and discover the easier, proven system to get your child to behave, listen and co-operate. 

Here's what we'll cover during the workshop

  • Why your current discipline strategies aren't working - which ones to ditch and what to do instead
  • ​The magic 3-step formula you can use to address behaviour and stop it from reoccurring - discover the easier, proven path to better behaviour
  • The easy discipline method that removes the need for shouting or losing your temper - so you can stay in control and enjoy more family harmony 
  • ​How to shape your child's brain and influence the person they become - so you can make your interactions more meaningful and positive, knowing this will pay off in the future. 

Discover the easier, proven discipline strategy that removes the need for shouting or losing your cool - no more frustration or guilt!

If you've ever:
  • Felt guilty for losing your temper and raising your voice (despite your best intentions!)
  • Struggled with controlling your anger when your kids REALLY push you to your limits,
  • Wanted your child to listen to you more - and not to repeat yourself a gazillion times!
  • ​Struggled with tantrums, misbehaviour and boundary pushing from your kids
  • ​Wondered whether there was a better, more effective way to get the kids to behave
...then this FREE masterclass is going to change your parenting game. 

Together, we'll review your current discipline strategies...

...replace them with a tried and tested formula that really works (and is backed up by science)...

...and remove the need for shouting, anger or losing control when you're responding to behaviour. 

Sound good?

Facilitated by Karina Lane, Parenting Coach

  • Psychology Graduate
  • Tuning Into Kids Facilitator
  • Circle of Security Facilitator
  • ​Certified Parenting & Kids Coach
  • ​Certified NLP and Matrix Therapies Practitioner
  • ​Mum of Four 
"I loved the masterclass. It was put together in a way that I could easily understand and relate to. You can see that Karina is genuine and has such passion to support parents who are struggling with their children’s behaviour - and their own. After the masterclass I felt like I had a mission to make our home a happy one. I knew exactly what I needed to do to and I felt supported. I’m already seeing positive changes.
To any parent who is having a hard time figuring out how to make life at home more peaceful and calm - this masterclass perfectly puts together a lot of the pieces parents are fumbling with. Sometimes we know the answers but we need someone to guide us in how to perform the actions to get positive results. Karina, I’m so glad I found you and signed up for your masterclass."

"Hi Karina, thank you for your masterclass. It helped me a lot. The 3 steps really helped me stay calm and patient and and my son really responds well to this! Convincing him has gotten much easier, we really connect!  I liked your open and friendly warm way! You were easy to understand. And so was your message! I would recommend your class to anyone with children!"

"Karina, I just want to say thank you. My parenting methods have changed so much since I signed up to your chilled mum program and my household is already becoming a much calmer and enjoyable environment to be in. I still have a long way to go but am so very grateful for the coping methods I have learned through your method. You are absolutely amazing and I have recommended you to my friends with similar issues that I was experiencing. Once again thank you I am very grateful."

"I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster, so overwhelmed, if I wasn't yelling & screaming I was crying. I was so frustrated all the time it took only one thing and I was an exploding volcano, afterwards hating myself. Then I found Karina she is amazing, so Kind, Caring and Understanding with no judgement, full of wonderful knowledge and wisdom. The tools she gave me helped show me how to be kind to myself and how important it was to make time for me to be the Mum I wanted to be. I'm so grateful and thank Karina very much for being there when I needed her."


Frequently asked questions:

Q: How long will this be available?

A: This free masterclass is only available for a limited time, so make sure you watch it asap

Q: How do I access the masterclass?

A: Right after you register, I'll send you an email with the masterclass link. I'll also send you a worksheet so you can make strategic notes. On the day of the workshop, just hit the link and join the workshop (you don't need a zoom account). Easy-peasy! If you're not familiar with zoom, I recommend having a practice with it before the day. If you get stuck, email me on and I'll help you out. 

Q: Is it okay if my partner comes along too?

A: Absolutely! This is designed for mums, dads and caregivers.  

Q: How long does the workshop go for?

A: You'll be done and dusted with me in about an hour 

Q: My kids are home with me that day. Can I still participate?

A: For sure! Your microphones will be muted anyway, so it doesn't matter what you've got going on in the background. 

Join me LIVE online this week for a relaxed, interactive & informative workshop that will change the way you parent forever. 

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Karina Lane

Parenting Coach, mum of 4 & your masterclass facilitator